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As a Consultant, Coach, Trainer, and Speaker, Cindy Kojm’s focus is on your professional and personal growth with an emphasis on career development and leadership. “As I have discovered throughout my career, being open to opportunity and possibility is what propels us towards finding our true passion.” Cindy launched her own company in 2014 which supports small business owners, entrepreneurs, start-ups, multi-level marketers, and those looking to grow their wealth, leadership skills, and journey down the path of personal growth.


• As a Trainer, Cindy brings energy, insight, systems, and processes to her client's workshops and seminars. Teaching them that success in any industry begins with the mindset and a roadmap to establishing habits and disciplines needed to grow their businesses to the optimum level. Cindy develops materials created specifically for the individual needs and requests of her clients.


“I believe that all businesses can learn from one another’s successes and failures through duplicating, incorporating and evaluating the processes and systems that have made them successful. The biggest challenge is helping people to understand the behaviors required for such disciplined success.” Cindy Kojm


• As a Coach, Cindy challenges your current mindset and immediate beliefs by promoting self-awareness and finding realistic solutions to those challenges. In using NLP techniques, we begin to understand how your past and current programming affects your current reality and assist in developing action steps with habits and disciplines for optimal results. The discovery of triggers and personal constraints that are holding you hostage will promote understanding of your own personality DISC and behavior traits. This is an important part of your journey as to how you lead, communicate, problem-solve, build relationships and interact with others in your daily life.


"I recognize the need for guidance and support from a trusted advisor, mentor, or coach. I listen to your dreams, ambitions, and goals and hold you accountable while keeping you focused on building a dynamic business designed to support your desired lifestyle." Cindy Kojm


• Cindy is able to offer leaders coaching, training and support to better understand their own leadership skills and those of their management teams and employees through the JMT Materials, DISC Assessments and Training, and personalized program development workshops and seminars based on their individual company needs. I look forward to our conversation around your goals and current situation and how I can be of service to you.


“Success isn’t about how you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire others to do.” ~unknown



















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