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What is your personality behavior style?

The DISC Assessment is one of the best tools that I use to assist my clients in evaluating the makeup of their businesses, teams, leadership and on a personal element their family dynamics. It has given them the opportunity to display a knowledge of caring for others that they normally would not have been able to without first knowing who the person was and understanding their particular response to that person's personality traits. We all have a certain behavior response pattern based on our personality blend that has nothing to do with our beliefs or values. And we respond according to that behavior pattern. When I take the time to first understand who I am, only then can I understand who you are. My response to you becomes different by choice because now I am responding in a way that is relational based of your behavior style. We can build a relationship, communicate and have conflict resolution that is effective based on an understanding of who each of us is.

Many of my clients are finding that by using this tool to tweak some of the placement of their employees, they are more successful in their hiring process and retention of employee and team members. Mainly because their people are being placed in their natural behavior so they are showing up in their environment the same way. Less stress so they are happier at work which then leads to less sick days and time off, less people leaving, less disgruntled workers. Where do you currently feel the need for this evaluation in your office?

Another beneficial assessment is the Child and Teenage Assessments. These assessments are helping busy, professional parents not only guide their employees to be successful, productive contributors, but also their children using the same tools and insights. Being able to use this information to understand how to talk, discipline, encourage, help with their self esteem, friends, career choices, and in particular being able to give this information to their educators to use in guiding them in practical instruction and a resource for how each behavior style learns. With so much information given, parents are developing successful communication skills and language to build positive relationships with their children and each other. We start these assessments for children as young as age 4.

This is not the answer to all relationship issues. This is just one tool that I believe will help to better a process of understanding and building stronger relationships where communication and conflict resolution become a positive rather than negative relational aspects of our lives.

For more information on DISC Assessments, Personality Behavior Workshops & Training or Coaching Programs contact Cindy at KOJM and Company to set up an appointment or consult.

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